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Ivan R. Jaubert

Strategic Partnerships

Ivan R. Jaubert is the Strategic Partnerships at SynBioBeta. His main role is to bridge the younger generations to the synthetic biology ecosystem. At SynBioBeta, Ivan leads the Students & Startups program, contributes to developing the conference content, and helps companies to increase visibility and connect with the right audiences. Ivan's background mixes synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology, and entrepreneurship. He holds an Eng BioBusiness degree from Tec de Monterrey and a Master's in Synthetic Biology and Biotech from the University of Edinburgh. His previous experience includes the role of Head of Business Strategy in an AgTech spin-off company and as a Real Estate Financial Analyst in a family office. On the entrepreneurial side, Ivan was America's ambassador of iGEM Startups, and he has mentored biofounders in distinguished startup programs, including IndieBio and District3. Ivan is also passionate about DeSci and making synbio more accessible to everyone. He co-founded the startup Dupla Bio, which is on a mission to decentralize lab space to unlock and accelerate the bioeconomy.