Jocelynn Pearl

Senior Scientist
Tune Therapeutics

My research experience began in the early days of genome editing with zinc finger nucleases at Sangamo, where I carried out optimization of ZFNs and ZFP-TFs for both research and translational purposes. I went on to get my PhD from the University of Washington (MCB) where I was co-mentored by Dr. Leroy Hood and Dr. Nathan Price at the Institute for Systems Biology. My dissertation work applied systems genomics approaches and a combination of experimental and computational tools to understand gene regulation in neurologic disease. During a postdoctoral fellowship at Altius Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Seattle I engineered proteins for gene and epigenome editing and translational applications including enhancing CAR T cells. Thanks to collaborative work with folks in the Baker Lab, I joined Lyell Immunopharma in January of 2019 to continue integrating de novo and natural proteins to engineer new cellular therapies. In September 2020 I joined Tune Therapeutics to help advance epigenome engineering efforts into the clinic as part of Tune's Seattle site. Tune was co-founded by scientific advisors Dr. Charles Gersbach and Dr. Fyodor Urnov.