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Kris Chatrathi

Bioprocess Solutions Manager
Black & Veatch

Dr. Kris Chatrathi is a PhD Chemical Engineer with over 30 years of process engineering experience with expertise in bioprocesses, explosion protection, and fermentation. Dr. Chatrathi’s fermentation expertise encompasses CSTRs, bubble column bioreactors and proprietary fermenters from small scale pilot units (10 to 100 Liters) to 1,000,000 liter industrial scale units. His bio-processing experience includes all aspects of bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-chemicals, bio-fuels and food ingredients. Dr. Chatrathi has multiple publications on explosion protection and has been a key contributor to NFPA standards on explosion protection and prevention. He has executed capital projects in the range of $10-400 million.  He has built and operated laboratory and pilot facilities with reactor scales ranging from 1 Liter to 10,000 Liters.