Mariam Elgabry

Founder & CEO

Dr. Mariam Elgabry is founder and CEO of cyber-biosecurity company Bronic ( Dr. Mariam has worked across the private, public and civil society sectors around the world to offer a wide variety of bespoke services from strengthening national strategic planning to informing the impact of developments in science and technology for diverse policy environments.  Her research has been recognised by the UK Parliament Joint Committee on National Security, and has been supported by the EU, London City Hall, EPSRC, and United Nations. Dr. Mariam has a strong entrepreneurial drive and deep-tech expertise from leading award-winning projects in industrial settings, at AstraZeneca and Microsoft, and from acquiring competitive innovation funds in start-up environments. Her effective ability to think laterally from different disciplines, approaches and viewpoints, is demonstrated by her fellowship at Yale University Law School and her doctorate between the Dawes Centre for Future Crime and the Advanced Biochemical Engineering Centre at UCL.