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Santanu Dasgupta

Senior Vice President, Head of Synthetic Biology R&D
Reliance Industries Limited

Dr. Dasgupta spent more than 30 years in Biotechnology research   in various key leadership roles.  Dr. Dasgupta has contributed significantly to the discovery of various biotech traits and led many breakthroughs global agriculture biotechnology programs.  Apart from being the author of more than 100 publications in several international journals, Dr. Dasgupta is also the inventor of numerous patents across various countries in the area of pathogen resistance in plants, drought tolerance gene expression, improved algae; high value chemicals etcHe did his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Bose Institute, Kolkata.  Dr. Dasgupta completed his post-Doctoral research from University of Kentucky, USA. In addition to many technical and leadership roles, Dr. Dasgupta also worked as Director, Regulatory policy and Scientific Affairs at Monsanto company, St. Louis and also in India and played a significant role in Biotech outreach and regulatory policy for Biotech traits in India. He is currently heading the Synthetic Biology and Algae to Oil R&D with a focus on biofuel, food, feed, nutrition and biomaterials produced through synthetic biology route. Santanu is associated with several external bodies in India and outside including, - Member for Global Council of Synthetic Biology, World Economic Forum, member of Board of Directors and advisory council of many National Research Institutes, Universities and Industry bodies.