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Shervin Kamkar

VP Business Development
Kura Biotech

Shervin Kamkar is a business development and market strategy leader with two decades of experience in the genomics, life sciences, and diagnostics space. He is currently Vice President of Business Development at Kura Biotech where he leads commercialization, market strategy, and product development for Kura’s Genomics Division.  Prior to joining Kura, Shervin was Head of Strategic Partnerships for Roche Diagnostics’ US Sequencing and Life Sciences Division.   Over the past 15 years, Shervin has worked with the leading next-gen sequencing manufacturers including Illumina, where he was the Commercial Business Head of the Understand Your Genome® (UYG) symposia  - a pioneering, educational program that was the first in the world to offer clinical-grade whole genome sequencing to educators, thought-leaders and consumers. Shervin is passionate about healthcare and believes genomics, AI technologies, and diagnostics will be foundational in changing the paradigm of personalized medicine.