Subaita Rahman

Nucleate Dojo

I’m an incoming fourth year undergrad at the University of Toronto. I’ve spent the last 4 years working with biotech early stage companies and VC on operations, growth, and building community. Most recently, I took a gap year in Boston with Pillar VC as a biotech platform associate, and was awarded as an Emergent Ventures Fellow. Currently consulting freelance for companies looking to grow their communities and content. Previously, I co-founded and built Nucleate Dojo, a training ground for undergraduates looking to break into biotech focusing on education, community, and capital. We've curated a community of hundreds of talented bio-undergrads working at top VC funds, biotechs, and research labs globally. I also co-lead & launched the Dojo House, a 3 month biotech focused co-living house for young scientists each summer in Boston, raising a total of $40,000 and garnering over 200+ applications each year.