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Suveen Sahib

Cofounder & CEO

Championing innovation in biosciences space with past experiences across technology and consumer products for over 20 years.In 2015, Suveen was introduced to the world of hair care by his wife, Britta Cox, founder of aquis hair only to realize hair care as a daily struggle coupled with a needy hair routine.With his belief that nature is the best designer and an industry desperate for innovation, Suveen saw an opportunity to bring biotech with simplicity and speed to the haircare space. Worked with top scientists to scan, analyze and test the entire protein expression of the keratin genome. After years of research + development, K18 Biomimetic Hairscience was born.  Launched during the pandemic, within 20 months K18 has already expanded its footprint to over 100+ countries, fast gaining iconic status as the #1 haircare brand on social media and buzz from the pro community and at-home users, inspiring hair expression without compromise for all hair artists, hair types, generations, and genders across the globe.