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Synthetic Biology in Space

We are very close to a future where our Earth isn’t the only place in the universe that supports human life. As we reach beyond our atmosphere, synthetic biology looks to play an increasingly important role in enabling humans to thrive in a hostile space environment. From air recycling and water purification to food production, self-healing habitats, medicine, and even genetically stored data, synthetic biology can help make it possible to sustain life long term beyond our home world.

Applications: BetaSpace: Synthetic Biology in Space 

  • Food production 
  • Water purification
  • Space medicine
  • Habitat construction
  • LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Biomanufacturing Economies 
  • Oxygen / CO2 recycling 
  • Waste upcycling/ recycling - closed loop environments


  • Space Race: Could DNA Data Storage Accelerate Space Travel?
  • The Bio-Space Age

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