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Chemicals & Materials

The global demand for chemicals and materials is expected to rise significantly in the coming years. While this can drive significant economic growth, it also presents a significant challenge for the environment. Traditional methods of production are often energy-intensive and release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. However,  emerging synbio technologies have the potential to address these challenges. As consumers and governments demand dramatic shifts to cleaner, more efficient technologies, industrial and international cooperation will be essential to bring these sustainable technologies to scale.


Applications: Chemicals & Materials 

  • Startup to scale up 
  • International cooperation 
  • Responsible consumption / production 
  • Mind Map Categories 
  • The Built Environment 
  • Bio-mining 
  • Decarbonisation of heavy industry 
  • Gas fermentation


  • Walk the Walk: Making Synthetic Biology Manufacturing Sustainable
  • Are We in Algae's Second Bloom?  
  • How Are Microbes Transforming the Mining Industry? 

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