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Biomanufacturing Scale Up

Translating synthetic biology from the lab to commercial production is a significant challenge. After all, synbio needs to reach an industrial scale in order to have significant impacts. There are many hurdles to overcome in scaling synbio, from fermentation capacity and cost, to supply chain innovations, access to key feedstocks, and bioreactor efficiency and design. New technologies and techniques are emerging to solve these challenges and take the bioeconomy to the next level.  

Biomanufacturing Scale Up 

  • Fermentation Innovation
  • Bioreactor design
  • Biomass and supply chains
  • Fermentation capacity
  • Capex intensity


  • How Can We Onshore Bio-based Supply Chains? 
  • Making Bioreactors Affordable
  • Downstream Processing for Dummies: Planning DSP from Day 1
  • Innovative Strategies to Scale with Big Brands

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