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Reading, Writing & Editing DNA

Our ability to read, write, and edit DNA is what makes synthetic biology possible. As our understanding of DNA rapidly evolves and the science behind DNA synthesis improves, we're gaining a better understanding of how to utilize and implement technologies like CRISPR, cell-free manufacturing, protein design, and DNA data storage, What started as a dream of engineering has now enabled us to cure diseases, produce sustainable chemicals, store data in molecules, and create highly-valuable proteins not found in nature. What will we create next through the power of DNA? 

Reading, writing, editing DNA

  • DNA Synthesis & Enzymatic Synthesis 
  • Synthetic genomes / synthetic cells 
  • CRISPR / Gene Editing 
  • DNA Data Storage 
  • Protein Engineering 
  • Cell-Free Synthetic Biology 
  • Genetic circuit design
  • Biodesign & Visualization
  • Epigenetics/ epigenomics


  • Same Day DNA: Can We Synthesis Genes in Less Than 24 Hours?
  • Beyond COVID: Nucleic Acid Vaccines

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