Business of Biology & Society

Consumer Products

Consumer products touch our lives every day, often in ways, we don’t even realize. From the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the furniture we sit on and the cars we drive, these tangible products shape and enable modern societies. But many of the products we use and consume are major drivers of environmental pollution and climate change. Changing and improving consumer products is a key part of our sustainable future. Synthetic biology is playing its part in this. From sustainable alt proteins to bioplastics, animal-free beauty, sustainable textiles, and biodegradable packaging, synbio is innovating on the products we rely on every day. 


  • Messaging to consumers 
  • Branding and marketing 
  • Fashion, textiles, and apparel 
  • Personal Care 
  • Partnering with the Fortune 500 
  • Sustainable packaging 
  • Automotive and furniture