Business of Biology & Society

Bioeconomy, Policy & Biosecurity

The bioeconomy cannot succeed without support from policymakers and regulators. The policy landscape for synthetic biology is ever-evolving, encompassing the production of food, fuel, materials, and medicines, from living organisms. Bioeconomy policy is also essential for the management of natural ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, and biosecurity. . As the world faces challenges like climate change, diminishing resources, and threats to global health, clear, robust, and rational policy and biosecurity frameworks are essential to establishing sustainable economies


  • Bioeconomy Policy 
  • National Security & Bioterrorism 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
  • Storytelling & Education 
  • Technology Transfer 
  • Pandemic Prevention 
  • DNA Synthesis Surveillance 
  • Cyberbiosecurity 
  • Stakeholder diversification 
  • Regulatory landscape