Human Health

‍Biopharma: Tools and Technologies

If synthetic biology is going to cure the hardest-to-treat diseases known to humans, we’re going to need some really good targets. That’s why so many companies focus on tracking novel targets for drug delivery and action. Others are leveraging digital technologies to accelerate protein design or mapping the complexities of the human microbiome. The industry is building and leveraging new tools to manufacture critical compounds, visualize individual gene activity, and dramatically accelerate drug discovery. What role will synbio play in the biopharma industry? How can we make safer, cheaper, and more effective drugs, and what will we learn about human life at the molecular level?  


  • Drug Discovery / Antibody Engineering
  • Therapeutic Bacteria & the Microbiome
  • Novel drug target/ target discovery
  • Next-gen protein therapeutics
  • Standardization 
  • Amino acid engineering
  • RNA therapeutics
  • Biosimilars
  • Improving existing therapies