2024 Investment Report

Free Download: Access to over a decade's worth of investment data.

Our team has conducted an in-depth analysis of over 900 synthetic biology companies and a staggering 12,000+ individual investments into the synthetic biology industry. We've compiled all of this data into a comprehensive report that gives you a panoramic view of investment activity and trends over the past 12 years. This definitive report on investing and financial landscapes is being offered as a free resource.
Whether you're an investor, entrepreneur, researcher or simply interested in the bio-revolution, this report provides invaluable insights into where money is flowing, which companies are attracting funding, year-over-year investment figures, and more. Understand the key players, buzzing sectors, regional hotspots and financial forces shaping the future of synthetic biology. Don't miss out on this opportunity to access over a decade's worth of investment data for one of today's most transformative technology frontiers.

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SynBioBeta’s Annual Synthetic Biology Investment Report - Insights Into What Could Be In Store for ‘24 - Recorded Webinar

“Starting with a significant surge in 2020 and reaching its peak in 2021, the sector witnessed a remarkable influx of funds. However, this trend saw some retraction in 2022 and 2023. This pattern of growth and normalization reflects not only the maturation of the industry but also a critical phase where companies are rigorously evaluated based on their market performance and revenue generation. Yet, despite these fluctuations, the investment levels remain substantially higher than the pre-pandemic figures, indicating a strong and healthy undercurrent of financial interest in synthetic biology.”

Catch up now on insights from SynBioBeta's CEO, John Cumbers, and Futurity Systems' CTO, Mark Bünger. Discover details from the SynBioBeta’s 2024 Annual Synthetic Biology Investment Report. Watch the recording here!

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