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Weekly Digest
Synthetic Biology Summit
“Blockchain Meets Bio”
Zuzalu, Montenegro, April 1 - 2, 2023
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About The Event

Join us for an unparalleled 2-day summit delving into the fascinating crossroads of synthetic biology, network states, sustainable production, and blockchain technologies. Synthetic biology aims to simplify the engineering of biology, with the costs of reading, writing, and editing DNA plummeting while speed and accessibility soar. Discover how companies are harnessing biology to produce bio-based jet fuel, textiles, concrete, and other chemicals and materials. Engage with trailblazing entrepreneurs crafting innovative foods, crops, and fragrances. Gain insights into cutting-edge medical advancements such as cell therapies, vaccines, and living medicines. Join us as we delve into the potential applications of these technologies in shaping sustainable manufacturing ecosystems within future network states and emerging startup cities.

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Speakers Include:

Vitalik Buterin
Vincent Weisser
Chief Ecosystem
Molecule & VitaDAO
Jennifer Holmgren
Jason Kelly
Founder & CEO
Ginkgo Bioworks
Drew Endy
Martin Family Fellow in Undergraduate Education
Stanford University
Ginger Dosier
Co-Founder, Visionary, Board Member
Mark Kotter
Founder & CEO
Alok Tayi
Co-Founder and CEO
Vibe Biotechnology
Jake Glanville
Albert Anis
Democratizing SynBio Technologies
Sarah Rouse
Paul Kohlhaas
CEO & Co-founder
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The Venue:  Zuzalu,  Montenegro

Frequently Asked Questions
What is synthetic biology?
What are network states?
How can network states and synthetic biology work together?
Who is this Summit for?
Are there any successful examples of network states at the current moment?
Will the Summit cover real-world examples of synthetic biology applications?
What will you learn at the Summit?