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Biology has always been with us, now we have learned to harness it. SynBioBeta has fostered a wonderful community that has dedicated itself to using biology to help heal, feed, clothe and house humankind while preserving the fragile ecosystems in which we must live. With these great accomplishments comes the grave responsibility of using our science in line with our best instincts and always in the service of humankind and the planet.
Una Ryan
Founder & CEO, ULUX
SynBioBeta could have gone on for a month and we would have only scratched the surface for potential collaborative opportunities. It is a thought- provoking and congenial forum for sharing solution - driven innovation.
Jonny Ohlson
Founder & CEO, Touchlight Genetics
A must-do meeting for anyone working in, or investing in synthetic biology companies.
Lindy Fishburne
Managing Partner, Breakout Ventures
I first came to SynBioBeta to learn more about the field. I stayed for the community. There is no better place to go learn and network.
Kristin Ellis
Partner, Lowercarbon Capital
A conference not to be missed - this is the place for SynBio power users, experts, key opinion leaders, investors, vendors, students and novices.
Emily Leproust
CEO, Twist Bioscience
One of the most exciting events of the year, uniting deep science with entrepreneurs doing cutting - edge work.
Eben Bayer
CEO, Ecovative Design
Name another conference like SynBioBeta. You can't. The coalescence of entrepreneurs, investors and industry veterans is a synthetic biology microcosm that is distinct from anything else on the planet.
Alec Nielsen
Founder & CEO, Asimov
SynBioBeta has the best mix of speakers - you can expect to see anyone ranging from a startup to a fortune 500 company
Massimo Portincaso
Founder, Deep Wave Ventures
SynBioBeta is one of the most exciting places on earth for synthetic biology entrepreneurship aficionados like myself
Seth Bannon
Founding Partner, Fifty Years
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