Special Event
Special Event

Chemicals & Materials Digital Conference

November 16, 2021
How do we build a sustainable world? Most of what we rely on in our daily lives, from our clothes to our homes, cars, medicines, tools, even the screen you’re reading this on right now, are made from unsustainable sources generating tons (literally) of carbon emissions. But what if we could build our modern world with biology instead? We are bringing the leading innovators, thought leaders, and creators of the bioeconomy together to celebrate and accelerate our progress in making bioplastics from captured chemical emissions, aviation fuel from microbes, leathers from mushrooms, and bricks from bacteria. All these innovations and more look to play a critical role in transforming our economy from carbon positive to carbon negative. But how can we integrate them into our existing societies? What consumer trends are driving growth in key sectors—and what consumer hesitancy is preventing growth in others? Join us on November 17th from 8am-12pm PST to hear from and connect with leading experts in biomanufacturing, cosmetics, fuel, defense, consumer products, construction and so much more. Learn how you can incorporate biology into your supply chains and be a part of the movement to build a better world with biology!
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