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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

About Us: Our purpose is to empower innovation and shape the future through cutting-edge technology manufacturing. Guided by our vision, we strive to be a global leader, driving positive change by delivering exceptional products, fostering a collaborative and inclusive community, and inspiring continuous advancements in the fermentation technological landscape.

Are you an exceptional tech visionary, driven by a passion for making a significant impact in the forefront of biotechnology innovation? Envision leading global scientific research and development while enjoying the serenity of Orange, Regional New South Wales. Join our cutting-edge technology manufacturing business, specialising in fermentation, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Orange. As the Chief Technology Officer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our dynamic organisation, spearheading advancements that redefine the landscape of precision fermentation.

Your Impact: At Cauldron, your role as the Chief Technology Officer will be instrumental in propelling our growth. Your mission? Tackle scientific and technological challenges, drive innovation, and position us as a globally recognised brand in the biotechnology space.

Why Us: We're not your typical startup. We're a team with a mission, building something revolutionary that is set to play a pivotal role in the future of biotechnology. Your scientific and technological insights will propel us further, faster.

Why You: You're not just good; you're exceptional. Your track record in leading scientific and technological initiatives and scaling businesses through growth is unparalleled. Having honed your skills in top-tier firms that have experienced rapid growth, you're looking for your next growth opportunity that will be the kind of dynamic and impactful role in the biotechnology space that enables you to excel.

Key Areas of Deliverables:

Technology Strategy:

  1. Global Recognition: Spearhead the development of a blended science and technology strategy that positions us as a globally recognised brand in the biotechnology space.
  2. Scalable Solutions: Lead the creation of scalable science and technological solutions that support our growth and expansion globally.

Team Leadership:

  1. Talent Development: Lead and inspire a multidisciplinary Science and technology team, fostering a collaborative environment where Scientific and technological expertise flourishes.
  2. Scaling Through Growth: Utilise your experience to scale our science and technological capabilities in alignment with business growth, ensuring seamless operations on a global scale.

Process Optimisation:

  1. Global Integration: Streamline and integrate science and technology processes to support global business operations, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a seamless fusion of science and technology with our biotechnological research.

Risk Management:

  1. Scaling Risks: Identify and mitigate risks associated with scaling science and technological operations globally, ensuring the resilience and reliability of our technological infrastructure.


  1. Visionary Leadership: Bring a visionary approach to the table, combining broad scientific and technological knowledge with specialised proficiency in driving innovation. Tackle challenges that span various scientific and technological domains while leveraging your leadership expertise.
  2. Global Technology Integration: Seamlessly integrate technological advancements into diverse business projects, contributing a valuable layer of insights to advance our strategic goals on a global scale.
  3. Strategic Decision Support: Provide strategic decision support by harnessing technology to distill complex data into actionable recommendations, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.
  4. Collaborative Solutions: Collaborate across business functions to develop holistic scientific and technological solutions, utilising your background to uncover patterns and trends that enhance overall business understanding.
  5. Innovation Catalyst: Drive innovation by applying science and technology to explore uncharted territories within our biotechnological research landscape, opening new possibilities and contributing to groundbreaking discoveries.
  6. Leadership in Diversity: Lead by example in embracing a diversity of technological approaches, inspiring a multidisciplinary team to excel in their respective domains.
  7. Continuous Learning: Stay at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to scientific progress and emerging technologies.


  1. Educational Background: Advanced degree in a relevant scientific, technological or biotechnological discipline or equivalent industry experience.
  2. Proven Track Record: A track record of excellence in leading science and technological initiatives, showcasing the ability to scale businesses through growth in the biotechnology space.
  3. Technology Tools: Proficiency in utilising technological tools and platforms, with a strong foundation in current programming languages.
  4. Communication Mastery: Exceptional communication skills, allowing you to articulate complex technological concepts to a diverse global audience, from specialists to generalists.
  5. Innovative Mindset: A passion for innovation and a keen interest in pushing the boundaries of traditional scientific and technological approaches in the biotechnology sector.

Explore the opportunity to not only advance your career but also relish the unique lifestyle that Orange, NSW, has to offer. If you are a top-tier technology leader with a broad skill set and a proven track record of scaling businesses in the biotechnology space, we invite you to apply for this position. Join us in making history as we revolutionise fermentation technology and become a globally recognised brand while enjoying the tranquility of a rural haven.

Join Us: If you're ready to swap corporate confines for startup sparks, we're ready for you. Bring your strategic prowess, your technological magic, and your charismatic edge – together, we'll redefine the game.

What We Offer: At Cauldron, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects our global community. We welcome and encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities. We understand the importance of creating a supportive environment where you don't need to meet every requirement perfectly; an 80% fit is more than sufficient. Join us in fostering a workplace that recognises the value of your individuality and encourages you to thrive. If you are excited about making a global impact through precision fermentation, apply to be part of our extraordinary journey.

How to Apply: Send us a sample of your thinking and a note about why you're the missing piece in pir team. Let's make innovation happen, together.

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