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About Us

The convergence of laboratory automation, high-throughput assays, and machine learning is moving the medium of biological discovery to silicon. At LatchBio, we are building the ubiquitous cloud platform to store, visualize and analyze data from biological experiments. Over forty biotech companies are using our platform to accelerate their ability to engineer biology, from drug discovery to bioproduction.

About the role

This is an invitation to join the small team of engineers that built Latch from scratch.

Recall this is an early stage startup. We do not have "front-end", "back-end" or "machine learning engineers". Everyone is just an engineer. You should be able to pick up new languages/frameworks in a day and combine disciplines flexibly to solve problems on the job.

In a single day a Latch engineer might work on features spanning:

- systems programming

- full-stack web development

- database administration

- infrastructure engineering

- statistical / algorithmic programming

Proficiency with the following technologies is encouraged (but not required):

- GraphQL

- Postgres

- React

- Python

- C

- Go


- Flyte

Our team could not be more serious about our opportunity to build a generational platform for science:

- We work 6 days a week. Monday through Saturday.

- We work strictly in-person in Mission Bay, SF.

- We want engineers who will be designing, writing, and reviewing code (This is not a management/leadership role)

The environment we have created selects for people who want to dedicate their lives to their craft and be part of a project larger than themselves.

Engineers are given enormous responsibility and creative freedom over the design and implementation of features built. The code we ship will often touch thousands of scientists the same day it's released. We work directly with these end users to fix issues and aggressively improve our tools.

To reinforce our multi-disciplinary culture, we host regular reading groups covering topics from category theory to immunology. There is an energy of intellectual curiosity and an encouragement to go deep. People here love computers.

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