Empowering Cell & Gene Manufaturing Using Computational Solutions - with Claire Aldridge The SynBioBeta Podcast

John Cumbers - SynBioBeta Podcast
Published -
May 3, 2023

Today John Cumbers talks with Claire Aldridge, Chief Strategy Officer at FormBio. Together they will discuss Form Bio, the spin-out from Colossal Laboratories & Biosciences, cell and gene therapies, why they are so difficult to manufacture, and the regulatory environment for these technologies.

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Claire Aldridge, Chief Strategy Officer at FormBio. Claire brings decades of experience facilitating the translation of scientific discoveries into patient and commercial benefits.  Claire has leveraged her training as a translator to act as a liaison between scientists and non-scientists, effectively communicating the potential of science. Her career has focused on technology commercialization, improving patient outcomes, working with disease-specific nonprofits, venture philanthropy, and biotech and life science investing.

Claire has a Ph.D. from Duke University in the Department of Immunology and Program in Genetics, and her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science is from Texas A&M University.  Since grad school, Claire has had an extensive career in the biotech industry, leading them to numerous successful endeavors.

Connect with Claire: @ClaireAldrige2

Connect with John: @johncumbers