How nature co-design is changing the narrative - with Massimo Portincaso

John Cumbers
Published -
February 2, 2021

Today John Cumbers talks with Massimo Portincaso, managing director and partner at BCG. John will be talking to Massimo about what nature co-design, how we're shifting from global supply chains to global value chains, what distributed biological manufacturing is, and more..

Massimo Portincaso co-leads the Deep Tech Mission, BCG’s unit focused on the deep tech approach to innovation, emerging technologies, and the new rules of engagement for all actors in the innovation space. He is also the Chairman of Hello Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to unlocking the power of deep tech to solve the toughest global challenges.

You can keep up with Massimo through his newsletter, The Antidisciplinarian, which covers happenings at the intersection of matter, computation, sensing, creativity, and ethics.

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