Investing at the frontiers of life science innovation - with Jenny Rooke of Genoa Ventures

John Cumbers
Published -
July 30, 2019

Today John Cumbers talks to Dr. Jenny Rooke, the founder and Managing Director of Genoa Ventures, and one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalists in the synthetic biology industry. John will be talking to Jenny about how VCs assess the value and potential of firms, what it takes to start your own VC firm, and what kinds of opportunities she is most excited about today.


For over a decade, Jenny has been deploying capital at the frontiers of life sciences innovation, seeking out technology-fueled solutions and category-defying opportunities. Jenny began her venture career at Fidelity Biosciences. At the Gates Foundation, she managed $250M in project funding in genetic engineering, diagnostics, and synthetic biology. In 2018, Jenny founded her own firm, Genoa Ventures, building on her successful track record.


Thanks to Genoa Ventures for making this episode possible.


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