Making Data and Computation Accessible to Scientists - with Kyle Giffin

John Cumbers - SynBioBeta Podcast
Published -
May 17, 2023

Today John Cumbers talks with Kyle Giffin, Co-Founder and COO of Latch Bio, the San Francisco-based company that is looking to harmonize data analysis through the application of its integrated bioinformatics platform. Over 50 leading biotechs in drug discovery, therapeutics, agriculture, and climate use LatchBio to accelerate R&D. The team is young, bold, and hiring. To learn more, go to the Latch Bio website.

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Kyle Giffin is a co-founder and the COO of LatchBio. He studied neuroscience and data science at UC Berkeley. In 2021, Giffin dropped out of Berkeley to found LatchBio with the aim of accelerating fundamental science.

Connect with Kyle: @kylegiff

Connect with John: @johncumbers