Scaling New Heights in Biomanufacturing - with Edward Shenderovich

John Cumbers - SynBioBeta Podcast
Published -
April 16, 2024

On this SynBioBeta podcast, John Cumbers talks with Edward Shenderovich, the Founder and CEO of Synonym, a company creating bioeconomy infrastructure to help next-generation bioproducts scale and get to market. Edward will speak at this year’s SynBioBeta conference on “Scaling Biological Capacity,” and in today’s episode, John and Edward will discuss how Synonym addresses some of the challenges in biomanufacturing with its technology-driven products and focus. 

Edward Shenderovich is the founder and CEO of Synonym, which provides startups with a way to value the feasibility of their technology and effectively de-risk scalability. Edward has extensive experience in the tech industry and has founded numerous companies and VC firms, including Essential Capital, Knotel, Kite Ventures, and Merchantry. Edward and his co-founder Joshua Lachter started Synonym in January 2022 to establish, fund, and construct large-scale bio-manufacturing facilities, offering synthetic biology producers of various scales adaptable production capabilities while simultaneously providing infrastructure investors with opportunities in a novel, carbon-negative bio-manufacturing asset class.

Connect with Edward: @eshender 

Connect with John: @johncumbers