The Brothers Wright Flight of Human Health: Where Will SynBio Take Us Next? - with Mark Kotter

Fiona Mischel
Published -
July 26, 2023

Today Fiona Mischel talks with Mark Kotter, Founder and CEO of, about the impact of synthetic biology on the future of medicine. Technologies like human cell reprogramming are taking us beyond the “Brothers Wright Flight'' of early CAR-T therapies, which, while effective, are expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to target. Mark Kotter is dedicated to bringing cell therapies to all patients. Tune in to hear how this vision can be achieved, what challenges we face next, and the breadth of opportunities synbio is creating. You can learn more about human cell reprogramming at

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Mark Kotter is a stem cell biologist and neurosurgeon at the University of Cambridge. Aged nineteen, he pursued a medical career to serve others and make a difference in people’s lives. He became fascinated by synthetic biology. He is the founder of and co-founder of the cultured meat start-up Meatable.

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