The Inside Track - Biodesign

Jeff Buguliskis - The Inside Track
Published -
March 15, 2024

Welcome to "The Inside Track" podcast, a captivating series exploring the dynamic topics that span the world of synthetic biology. Hosted by Jeff Buguliskis, the Director of Content for SynbioBeta, this podcast invites listeners into thought-provoking conversations with leading innovators and thinkers in the field. In each episode, Jeff and his special guests unravel the complexities and marvels of Biodesign, providing insights into its application in various industries. From the pioneering founder of Biodesign Challenge, Dan Grushkin, to the visionary architect and Co-Founder of Biomason, Ginger Dosier, and the forward-thinking Director of Communications at LanzaTech, Kit McDonnell, the podcast features a diverse range of perspectives. As they share their experiences and expertise, listeners gain a deeper understanding of how biotechnology is shaping our future. "The Inside Track" is more than a podcast—it's a journey into the heart of innovation, making complex concepts in synthetic biology accessible and engaging for all. Join us on this exploratory adventure, and stay tuned for more inspiring episodes.