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Scientist / Sr. Scientist: Antibody Engineer

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Manifold Bio is a biotechnology company aiming to revolutionize the development of protein therapeutics through multiplexed testing and design. We have built a platform distinguished by a novel technology that brings multiplexed measurement to every step of protein engineering, including in vivo testing. This gives us an unmatched advantage in engineering precise targeting, critical to unlocking the potential of entire classes of drugs.  Our team is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary. Our founders come from George Church’s lab at Harvard Medical School and are innovators in leveraging DNA and protein multiplexing technologies to engineer biological systems. We are located in the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, a well-equipped modern lab space with a rich community of companies building cutting-edge technologies, but we are looking to move very soon!


Manifold Bio is seeking an enthusiastic, creative Scientist or Sr. Scientist to join our growing team in our mission of multiplexed, in vivo drug discovery. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in protein engineering and protein therapeutic design. In this role, you will play a leading role in driving forward Manifold’s drug programs, combining your disease biology knowledge and protein engineering know-how to unlock the potential of complex, next generation protein therapeutic formats. This is a unique opportunity to take scientific ownership of challenging and impactful projects and play a big role on a small team looking to challenge current drug discovery paradigms. You will play an integral part in every step of the process from designing initial binder campaigns to reformatting hits into more complex architectures, advancing candidate designs through selections and screening funnels, and nominating top candidates. In particular, you will make use of high-throughput and library methods both in vitro and, uniquely, in vivo using Manifold’s proprietary protein barcoding technology.

You will work closely with a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of scientists to design, execute, and analyze complex experiments in a fast-paced environment. There will be many opportunities for creativity and innovation in this hands-on role as we push the boundaries of our platform’s multiplexing technology in every step of the drug discovery process. Together, we’ll build multiplexed protein quantitation technologies that massively increase the throughput of testing protein therapeutic designs and fundamentally change the current paradigm of drug development.  


  • Independently design, plan and execute experiments to advance drug candidates and programs
  • Assume ownership of the protein engineering efforts for at least one drug program
  • Build on current binder discovery and screening pipelines to increase throughput and efficiency
  • Balance responsibilities to advance primary program with new program initiation efforts and longer term innovation projects
  • Contribute to lead validation experiments and preclinical data packages
  • Stay up to speed on cutting edge research and industry standards for protein therapeutics
  • Maintain data integrity and effectively communicate findings to the team

Required Qualifications

  • PhD in the field of protein biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, bioengineering or similar or B.S./M.S. with at least 4 years experience
  • Expertise in protein engineering with a libraries/selections/multiplexing mindset
  • Knowledge of cell biology and cancer  biology and/or immunology a plus
  • Proven track record of solving difficult scientific problems
  • Collaborative, curious, and flexible, with a genuine passion for innovative science and developing medicines

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD with 3+ years experience in pharma/biotech industry working on protein or cell-based drug program(s)
  • Experience with CAR-T, T-cell engagers, multispecifics, ADCs, targeted cytokines, or other ‘targeted-effector’ modalities
  • Exceptional intuition for solving difficult protein engineering challenges; mastery of DNA and protein library strategies, high-throughput methods, and selections
  • Expertise in protein engineering in the context of antibody constructs, single-domain antibodies, or similar including topics such as epitope selection, design of binder campaigns, choice of format/architecture, linker design, ‘AND-gate’ / ‘OR-gate’ selectivity and avidity engineering, structure-guided engineering, etc.
  • Super strong awareness of cancer disease biology and application of relevant knowledge base to inform engineering approaches

Why you might be a good fit

  • Highly independent, productive, and creative scientist able to confront obstacles to drive projects forward
  • Team player with enthusiasm for working closely with a tight-knit team on challenging problems
  • Strong oral and written communication to facilitate complex experiments with multiple parties; excellent record keeping
  • Forethought, organization, and flexibility to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

If you’re excited to build a platform that combines DNA and protein multiplexing technologies, please reach out to

We value different experiences and different ways of thinking and believe the most talented teams are built by bringing together people of diverse cultures, genders, and backgrounds.

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