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AVANT BIO Takes Center Stage as Premier Equity Firm in Life Sciences, Tech Bio, and HealthTech

Funding & Investments
February 6, 2024

AVANT BIO LLC, a trailblazing firm in early-stage and growth equity investments, has officially announced its launch, positioning itself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape in the life sciences, technology, bio, and health technology industries. The firm's investment focus revolves around the intersection of groundbreaking technologies and a deeper understanding of biology, creating a potent synergy poised for significant advancements in the future.

"At AVANT BIO, we recognize the immense potential within the life sciences, tech/bio, and healthtech domains. Our mission is to invest in companies that not only innovate but revolutionize these sectors in the coming years," said Daniella Kranjac, Founding General Partner of AVANT BIO. "We are thrilled to step onto the stage, supported by institutional capital, and bring to light the incredible new innovations we are championing in these spaces."

AVANT BIO distinguishes itself through its capacity to generate value via disciplined investment strategies coupled with deep industry knowledge. The firm's extensive network acts as a conduit for accelerated growth opportunities for the companies in its portfolio.

"We are in the early innings of an unprecedented era of innovation, opportunity, and growth in life sciences," added Peter Lee, Partner and co-lead of the investment team. "Our expanded investment mandate and exceptional team position us to uncover and drive the next wave of breakthroughs."

AVANT BIO's investment focus spans from early-stage to late-stage rounds, fostering growth and innovation across different phases of company development. With a commitment to amplifying value and a forward-thinking investment strategy, the firm is well-positioned to unlock the full potential of upcoming advancements in life sciences, technology, bio, and health technology.

Notably, AVANT BIO stands out in a predominantly male-dominated industry led by Daniella Kranjac, a visionary figure and pioneer in the life sciences and private equity realms.

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