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Ayana Bio Launches First Plant Cell-Derived Health and Wellness Ingredients


Non-GMO lemon balm and echinacea are produced directly from plant cells, bypassing the constraints of agriculture and creating full traceability

BOSTON, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Ayana Bio, the plant cell technology company making sustainable bioactives for consumer products, today announced the first-ever launch of plant cell-cultivated lemon balm and echinacea health and wellness ingredients, starting with the U.S. market. These products have the bioactive composition of conventionally grown botanicals and can directly replace lemon balm and echinacea in dietary supplement formulations for sleep, mood and immune support.  

Ayana Bio's products are produced using plant cell cultivation technology, a means to create plant materials without growing plants in the ground. The process begins by identifying the best plant cell lines—similar to traditional plant breeding. These plant cells are propagated from authenticated plants and are assessed to identify the ideal line for important characteristics like bioactive potency, composition and stability. Ayana Bio further optimizes the conditions and nutrients the plant cells need to grow and multiply. Unlike some plants that take years to grow and mature in the ground, plant cells are fully propagated and harvested as an ingredient in just a few weeks.

Ayana Bio's lemon balm and echinacea are non-GMO plant powders with standardized hallmark bioactive compositions. These bioactive-rich ingredients were created as alternatives to overcome the supply challenges of agriculturally derived lemon balm and echinacea. Lemon balm supports sleep and mood, and echinacea offers immune benefits, but both can face harvesting issues like adulteration, pesticides, contamination, inconsistent quality, seasonal weather variation, infection and limitation of active metabolites.

"The dietary supplement industry is in desperate need of bioactives that are traceable and more sustainable," said Frank Jaksch, chief executive officer of Ayana Bio. "Bringing plant cell-derived health and wellness ingredients to these markets will help CPGs access the full spectrum of bioactives characteristic of these plants without the supply chain challenges. Consumers are seeking out products for healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet."

Plant cell cultivation avoids traditional production challenges while yielding the identical molecular composition and the same health and wellness benefits as agricultural counterparts – and can be tailored to even higher concentrations of bioactives. These plant cell-derived ingredients are DNA-fingerprint certified and clean label, with standardized phytocomplex, increased bioavailability, full traceability and a neutral taste and color.

"Agricultural limitations have long been a hurdle in harvesting our most beneficial ingredients," said Effendi Leonard, chief technology officer of Ayana Bio. "Plant cell technology is creating a sustainable future of standardized botanical ingredients as CPG companies partner with innovative companies to incorporate clean label bioactives across their product lines. We're proud to be the first to commercialize the products of this technology for health and wellness in these key markets."

If you are interested in being one of the first companies to formulate your products with plant cell-derived ingredients, contact Ayana Bio at

About Ayana Bio
Ayana Bio makes sustainable bioactives for health and wellness products using plant cell cultivation rather than agriculture. Ayana Bio collaborates with global industry leaders in consumer packaged goods brands, supplements, specialized nutrition, over the counter, and traditional medicines to create standardized bioactives that give consumers confidence in quality and reliability—while preserving the planet. There's no better way to produce what comes from plants than using plant cells. For more information, visit

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Kara Yacovone

SOURCE Ayana Bio

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