Biosyntia secures commercial in-licensing rights to natural isoflavonoids through global partnership

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June 11, 2020

Danish biotech company Biosyntia is securing future in-licensing rights to natural isoflavonoids made from a revolutionizing new, bio-based process, thereby expanding their development pipeline of nutraceutical ingredients with a wide array of possible uses. This commercial leap comes through a collaboration with French biotech start-up Lantana.COPENHAGEN: Some dietary supplements consist of costly ingredients made from plant extract. Such extracts typically have low purity of the active ingredient of interest and can hold harmful co-extracted compounds. But thanks to a new partnership between Danish biotech company Biosyntia and French biotech start-up Lantana, we are moving closer to offering natural isoflavonoids made from a more pure and high quality process that is also cheaper and more sustainable.In-license for faster pipeline developmentFor Biosyntia, this collaboration is a result of an increased focus on in-licensing new technology. This makes it possible for the company to develop commercially viable nutraceuticals produced from sugar through a more sustainable, fermentation-based production process. The uses for these ingredients are many, as they form the basis of both everyday dietary supplements, food and beverage fortification as well as personal care products. “This exciting partnership with Lantana will enable us to more rapidly expand our pipeline of new and natural ingredients. Given that it typically requires substantial capital investments to develop and commercialize new bio-based ingredients, we believe that collaborations like this one are the path forward to rapidly increasing the number of commercial bio-based ingredients,” Martin Plambech says and continues:“That’s why we at Biosyntia are continuously focusing on initiating new collaborations and partnerships with other ground-breaking biotech companies. It enables us to in-license different compounds and fast-tracking our product pipeline efficiently.” Protection against age and lifestyle-related diseasesWhile Biosyntia will bring the product to scale and commercialize, Lantana supplies its proprietary microbial engineering platform for natural aromatic compound production. The natural isoflavonoids are made through Lantana’s state-of-the-art engineering and fermentation process and are associated with a number of human health benefits, such as protecting the body against age and lifestyle-related diseases.At Lantana, CEO Michael Naesby is excited about the new partnership as well:“The collaboration with Biosyntia allows the speedy development of our joint isoflavonoid product line, the first in a wide range of natural aromatic ingredients for the nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and personal care markets,” he says and continues:“Isoflavonoids are a group of aromatic compounds found in soy bean, red clover and other plants. They have been associated with a wide range of preventive human health benefits, which include protection against age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, hormone-dependent cancer and loss of cognitive function, as well as lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.”For further information, please contact:Martin Plambech at or Michael Naesby at michael.naesby@lantanabio.comAbout BiosyntiaBiosyntia is driven by the prospect, that biology can replace chemistry and other unsustainable processes to enable a better and more sustainable world for generations to come. Using nature’s own principle, our mission is to enable a future where vitamins and other ingredients are manufactured biologically with a substantially lower environmental footprint than what is the case by today. By developing and applying proprietary biological processes we will offer customers and consumers a more natural and sustainable alternative to present-day vitamins and nutraceuticals in general, at a price competitive level.More info at Biosyntia.comAbout LantanaLantana aims to replace extraction-based production of nutraceuticals, supplements, colors and other ingredients by microbial fermentation processes, having less environmental impact. By applying modern biotechnology methods, the production of small aromatic ingredients can be made much more efficient than today, and thereby reduce the uses of plant raw materials, arable land, water, and agrochemicals. At the same time, we expect to shorten costly and complex supply chains. Together, this allows us to offer both cheaper and cleaner products through more sustainable solutions.Find us at

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