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Cambrium Launches NovaColl™: First Micro-Molecular & Skin-Identical Collagen Ingredient for Personal Care Industry


BERLIN, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biotechnology company Cambrium has launched its first product: NovaColl™. It is the first micro-molecular & 100% skin-identical collagen specifically designed for premium personal care formulations.

Owing to its structure and small molecular size, NovaColl™ is able to create powerful collagen benefits across skin layers. This new class of collagen active is vegan certified and produced through Cambrium’s precision fermentation process, offering formulators a unique combination of efficacy, skin-compatibility and sustainability.

NovaColl™’s claims have been scientifically validated in third party in vitro studies, which demonstrated a broad range of activities working to holistically protect, maintain and enhance native collagen.

Beyond bio-similarity, NovaColl™ is 100% skin-identical, offering previously inaccessible levels of biocompatibility for personal care applications. To achieve this, Cambrium’s multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers searched through billions of protein sequences for skin-active features and indicators of efficacy. They identified NovaColl™, a highly bioactive region of collagen I, the most prevalent collagen type in our human skin.

Rather than extracting collagen from animals, Cambrium uses yeast cells to grow their micro-molecular collagen in a cruelty-free and sustainable fermentation process, minimizing energy, land, and water use.

Cambrium will exhibit at booth AK84 at the in-cosmetics Global trade show from March 28-30 in Barcelona, Spain. For more information about NovaColl™ and to request a meeting, please write to

About Cambrium

Cambrium’s mission is to trigger the next wave of sustainable product innovation through the creation of new, high performance molecules. Using their technology-enabled molecular design platform, they discover, develop and manufacture proteins that unlock previously inaccessible functionalities. For more information, visit

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


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