HelloBiome Partners with K18, Inc. to Bring Microbiome Innovation to Hair Care

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April 13, 2023

[San Francisco, CA] - HelloBiome, female-founded microbiome innovation company that specializes in personal care personalization has announced its partnership with K18, Inc., a science-backed hair-care  company. This strategic partnership marks a major milestone in microbiome innovation and scalp care.

With their combined expertise, they aim to unlock the insights of the scalp microbiome and advance the  science of healthy hair. Elsa Jungman Ph.D., CEO of HelloBiome and Suveen Sahib, CEO and Founder of  K18, Inc., have a history of collaboration and it was a natural step for them to team up to bring  microbiome innovation to K18's pipeline. This partnership promises to yield cutting-edge discoveries  and push the boundaries of what we know about hair and scalp health.

"We are excited to work with K18 to bring microbiome innovation to the world of hair care," said Dr.  Elsa Jungman, CEO at HelloBiome. "Our mission is to help companies create innovative and personalized  products that promote the health of the human surface microbiome, and with K18, we are taking a  major step forward in achieving that goal. After preliminary studies of the scalp microbiome, we have  discovered promising links between hair treatments and the microbiome, and we are incredibly excited  about what more we can learn".

K18's science-backed hair-care solutions are designed to repair hair damage, improve hair and scalp  health, and reduce breakage. K18 has experienced rapid growth and success due to their  groundbreaking and cult-favorite molecular repair mask along with its line of shampoos, hair repair oil  and products made specifically for in-salon professional services, including its mist and chelator. K18,  Inc.’s partnership with HelloBiome will further K18’s pursuit of science-backed hair care that is designed  to respond to the unique biology of the user’s hair and scalp.  

“We live in exciting times as our we take a deep dive into learning more about our biology and its crucial  alignment with our beauty and goals for well-being. This is not about simply identifying good or bad  bacteria, it is about granularly understanding the dynamic habitat and the interdependencies that  contribute to a healthy scalp and hair and then be able to recalibrate the delicate balance on a constant  basis for best results. Dr. Jungman her team are deeply vested understanding the microbiome habitat  that make them best in class partners to join us on this journey.” Said Suveen Sahib, CO at K18 Inc.

The collaboration between HelloBiome and K18 represents a significant step forward in microbiome  innovation and scalp care. Together, they are poised to revolutionize the hair care industry and create  products that promote healthy hair and improve the overall health of the scalp microbiome.

HelloBiome boasts a diverse team of accomplished professionals in product innovation, business  development, and science, each with a wealth of experience in B2B and B2C markets. By leveraging their  cutting-edge, patent-pending platform and microbiome test kit, the company delivers an extensive suite  of testing services to partners, including research studies, claim studies, formulation development, and  white-label microbiome kit tests; These services have a wide range of applications, including for the skin,  scalp and vulva.


For more information about HelloBiome and K18's partnership, please contact elsa@hellobio.me. www.hellobio.me


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