Opentrons Launches 2x Faster OT-One S Line of Personal Pipetting Robots

Emerging Technologies
May 3, 2017

Brooklyn, NY: On May 3, 2017, Opentrons Labworks Inc., a lab automation company and creator of the OT-One line of affordable pipetting robots, has launched the OT-One S line of robots to replace prior generation. Starting at $3,000, the same price as the previous line-up of robots, customers can now execute experiments at 2x the speed and cut the runtime of a protocol by 50%. For example, the robot can fill a 96 well-plate in less than 90 seconds. This substantial upgrade makes Opentrons a great, affordable alternative to manually pipetting by hand and frees up scientists’ time at the bench.Opentrons Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Will Canine said, "The launch of the OT-One S is an important milestone towards our vision of robots running common protocols on every lab bench. For every scientist to have one, lab robots must be affordable. Opentrons is drastically increasing robot performance while maintaining our low price point, doubling down on our commitment to make our robots accessible to every biologist around the world."OPENTRONS TEASER FINAL_2 from Opentrons Labworks on Vimeo.Visit to learn more about the OT-One S.About Opentrons Labworks Inc.: Opentrons is an affordable and easy-to-use software and hardware platform for the 4m biologists worldwide to automate their experimental workflows. The centerpiece of the platform is our $3,000 liquid-handling robot, which is now in hundreds of labs in 30+ countries around the world. Great institutions, like Stanford, Harvard, and the Mayo Clinic, are rapidly building up an ecosystem around our open platform by developing new protocols, reagent kits, and hardware modules.

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