O'Shaughnessy Fellow Dr. Mariam Elgabry

OSV Awards Fellowship to Dr. Mariam Elgabry for Innovative Microbiome Health Device

Dr. Elgabry will use this fellowship to further develop Nurfy, an AI-powered device designed to enable at-home microbiome health monitoring.
Health & Medicine
July 9, 2024

O'Shaughnessy Ventures LLC (OSV), an investment firm dedicated to empowering creators, has announced that Dr. Mariam Elgabry, an entrepreneur, scientist, and athlete based in Athens, Greece, has been awarded an O'Shaughnessy Fellowship. Dr. Elgabry will use this fellowship to further develop Nurfy, an AI-powered device designed to enable at-home microbiome health monitoring.

Nurfy aims to transform personal health management by allowing users to monitor the health of their microbiome—a collection of all microbes, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes, that live on and inside the human body. The health of these microbes is crucial for overall well-being. By combining advanced biosensing technology with gamification principles, Nurfy will create a community-focused approach to microbiome health, offering users AI-powered insights and recommendations to improve their health.

Dr. Elgabry plans to finalize Nurfy's prototype and initiate a pilot launch to gather user feedback, collect data, and refine the AI algorithms for microbiome analysis.

OSV's founder and CEO, Jim O'Shaughnessy, commented, "In the coming years, AI-powered technologies will have a profound effect on our ability to monitor and improve our health. We are immensely impressed with Mariam's experience and expertise in the field, and we look forward to supporting her vision for a healthier world."

"I am beyond excited to be selected for the O'Shaughnessy Fellowship," said Dr. Elgabry. "We don't have to imagine a world where we interact with our health through everyday biotech–we're building it. And Nurfy is just the beginning."

Dr. Elgabry is an accomplished entrepreneur, scientist, and athlete on a lifelong mission to explore the relationship between technology and health. She holds a Ph.D. in biotechnology from University College London and an M.Sc. in Theoretical Systems Biology from Imperial College London. She has also been a Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and a Cyber Fellow at Yale University.

With a strong background in both entrepreneurship and academia, Dr. Elgabry boasts a patent and a publication record from award-winning projects at AstraZeneca and Microsoft. She is the founder and CEO of the cyber-biosecurity company Bronic, where she combines her biotechnology expertise with her passion for athletics to transform how individuals engage with their health. Her research on the future of biotechnology has been recognized by the UK Parliament Joint Committee on National Security and the United Nations.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Dr. Elgabry is an avid kite surfer and a distinguished sprinter who has represented the Greek National Team in the 100- and 200-meter races.

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