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Scala Biodesign Secures Seed Funding to Improve Protein Engineering and Development

Harnessing physics, AI, and biology, Scala offers a groundbreaking approach to protein engineering, promising swifter and more affordable biotech innovations
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Biomanufacturing, Chemicals & Materials
September 13, 2023

In the heart of Tel Aviv, a silent revolution brews as Scala Biodesign bursts forth from the shadows, equipped with a neat $5.5M in funding and a groundbreaking promise: the rapid, efficient development of proteins ready to redefine biotech.

Proteins—those intricate molecules—aren't just about building muscle or making your hair shine. They're the mavericks poised to revolutionize industries ranging from medicine to food production. But nature's proteins, in their raw form, are like temperamental artists: brilliant but often not suited for the limelight of industrial demands. They can be fickle—unstable, pricey to produce, and lacking in gusto.

Traditionally, the road to modifying these proteins into industrial champs was paved with trial and error—a painstaking procedure where countless versions were tested, with many never making it to the finish line.

Enter Scala Biodesign.

With a crafty mix of physics, AI, and a profound understanding of biology, Scala is turning the tables. They're not just improving protein design, they're overhauling the entire process. By fusing knowledge from the diverse worlds of modeling and biological data analysis, Scala promises a speedier, cheaper avenue for innovation. Suddenly, the realms of biotech that seemed unreachable are opening up.

At the core of Scala's vision are Dr. Ravit Netzer and Dr. Adi Goldenzweig. These pioneering minds, once immersed in the esteemed laboratories of the Weizmann Institute of Science, produced algorithms that are now the crème de la crème for academic protein engineers.

Dr. Goldenzweig passionately recounts, “Researchers, students, and companies, everyone wanted to use our technology. We realized that there was a huge need. The prospect of efficiently optimizing everything from vaccines to enzymes is not just about technology—it's about the future of humanity and our planet."

There's already a taste of Scala's prowess. One example? An enhanced malaria vaccine currently navigating Phase II clinical trials in West Africa. Another? Crafty enzymes that break down wood for biofuel production.

Inspired by the bustling demand from pharmaceutical titans, the Scala trio, including Prof. Fleishman as the Chief Scientist, is on a quest to make protein engineering an accessible reality for all. And the name "Scala"? It’s a nod to the potential of applying their expertise on a massive scale to address numerous biotech hurdles.

Dr. Netzer articulates their ambition, stating, “Nature has provided potential solutions to some of our gravest challenges. But applying these insights on a grand scale has been a monumental task. Scala is about making the gargantuan achievable, ushering in a new era of biotech wonders.”

Shahar Tzafrir, from TLV Partners, chimes in with a parallel, "Just as Alphafold deeply impacted biology, Scala is poised to redefine protein design. Their approach, rooted in a symphony of AI, physics, biology, and chemistry, has already sent ripples in academia. Now, they're translating that success into a transformative enterprise."

Now, with the backing of influential pharmaceutical giants and involvement in some of the most avant-garde protein engineering ventures, Scala Biodesign is poised to make waves. The future of proteins, it seems, has found a champion.

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