Womenswear prototype knitted by Mely's Maglieria with Brewed Protein™ yarns, developed with VIMAR1991 (left). Menswear prototype woven by Antica Valserchio with Brewed Protein™ yarns manufactured by Ideal Blue (right).

Spiber Unveils New Sustainable Fabric Blends with Italian Textile Giants

Spiber Inc. announces new partnerships with renowned Italian mills Marzotto, RD Gruppo Florence, and Filatura Papi Fabio to develop sustainable luxury materials using their innovative Brewed Protein™ fiber.
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July 9, 2024

Spiber Inc., a leading Japanese synbio materials company, announced significant supply chain partnerships and groundbreaking projects with renowned Italian mills Marzotto, RD Gruppo Florence, and Filatura Papi Fabio. Known for its innovative Brewed Protein™ fiber produced via advanced fermentation technology, Spiber's collaborations highlight the fiber's potential in high-end, sustainable luxury materials.

Marzotto x Spiber

Marzotto Wool Manufacturing S.r.l., established in 1836 and famous for its high-quality worsted wool, has partnered with Spiber to introduce a fabric that blends 30% Brewed Protein™ fibers with 70% wool after approximately two years of joint development. This new suiting fabric is now available, and both companies are excited about future collaborations.

Product Line:

  • Twill 2/2 (Batavia) fabric
  • 30% Brewed Protein™ fiber
  • 70% Wool

"We are proud of this ambitious partnership that confirms Marzotto's attitude and commitment to sustainability: the real, tangible, and certified kind. We have always focused on natural and precious materials such as wool. [But,] we have found it interesting to embrace this project by Spiber Inc., which, from an element as simple and preserved in nature as sugar, has allowed us to create a fabric that maintains its absolute biodegradability while maintaining the functionality required by the textile market, for a new beauty that is kind to nature to be touched and to be worn. [This is] a further step forward combining tradition and textile art with technological research [to] narrate an ancient art in a modern but especially in a sustainable way," said Giorgio Todesco, CEO of Marzotto Wool Manufacturing.

Filatura Papi Fabio x Spiber

Filatura Papi Fabio S.p.A., a prestigious Italian spinning mill founded in 1890, has collaborated with Spiber to launch its first yarn products. These yarns, a blend of Brewed Protein™ fibers and RWS Ultrafine wool, are ideal for knitting and weaving and are now available for purchase. Both companies are eager to expand their collection of blended yarns.

Product Line:

  • Wool-blended woolen yarn: 30% Brewed Protein™ fiber, 70% Wool (RWS certified, Ultrafine 17.5µm), Nm: 2/27 N/m
  • Wool-blended worsted yarn: 30% Brewed Protein™ fiber, 70% Wool (RWS certified, Ultrafine 17.5µm), Nm: 2/60 N/m

"We are really pleased about this cooperation between Spiber and our Company. We need to be pre-positive in a completely sustainable direction and offer to global luxury brands new yarns. Technically, we did important research in terms of dyeing and spinning this new fiber, and the yarns obtained allow for very elegant and soft knitted garments and fabrics," said Papi Fabio, CEO of Filatura Papi Fabio S.p.A.

RD Gruppo Florence x Spiber

RD Gruppo Florence and Spiber have embarked on synergistic technical research to bring sustainable luxury fashion to life. They presented their first women's and men's prototypes at Pitti Filati, made by Mely's Maglieria, Antica Valserchio, and Ideal Blue.

The womenswear prototype, knitted by Mely's Maglieria with Brewed Protein™ yarns developed with VIMAR1991, blends Brewed Protein™ fibers with wool, polyamide, and cashmere for enhanced aesthetic features and garment personalization.

The menswear prototype, woven by Antica Valserchio using Brewed Protein™ yarns, is manufactured by Ideal Blue. This jacquard fabric utilizes "graphic mapping" to minimize waste and improve production efficiency, highlighting the engineering prowess behind the product.

The fabrics and yarns from these prototypes are now available for custom development. Both companies look forward to further collaborations and new technical solutions soon.

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