The Buzz in Food Tech: MeliBio's AI-Enhanced Honey Alternatives

MeliBio scales up its precision fermentation technology, promising a new era of sustainable, bee-friendly honey alternatives
Food & Nutrition
March 20, 2024

In the buzzing world of food tech, MeliBio is making sweet strides with a major expansion of its technology platform. This hive of innovation is now scaling up its precision fermentation capabilities, set to kick off projects in the San Francisco Bay Area with a handpicked partner.

The team at MeliBio has wrapped up their proof of concept on fermentation-enabled protein targets, promising a fresh wave of high-value bee proteins and enzymes. Their target? The lucrative global functional food ingredients market, worth over $100 billion. This isn't just a step up; it's a leap into expanding their product portfolio, which already buzzes with potential.

Enter Pow.Bio, MeliBio’s choice for a scale-up partner, known for blending traditional fermentation with a continuous, AI-powered approach. This collaboration isn't just about scale; it's about precision, efficiency, and embracing both AI-enhanced and time-honored methods.

Dr. Aaron Schaller, CTO and Co-founder of MeliBio, shared, “Working with cutting-edge science, particularly that aided by precision fermentation, has always been part of our long-term technological vision at MeliBio. Our ability to produce target bee proteins and enzymes through our experimental methods has yielded promising results, and we’re ready to take our technology to the next stage. This initiative will help us elevate the functionality of our products to come, and provide more of the benefits of bee-derived honey to current products, while also matching authenticity beyond taste and texture.”

Darko Mandich, MeliBio CEO and Co-founder, added a sweet note on their market performance, “We’ve enjoyed a fantastic market response to our plant-based honey products and will continue to serve that demand. Beyond that, accessing levels of product performance and authenticity not possible through plant science alone, through our enhanced technology platform, opens up a variety of significant commercial opportunities.”

What's the buzz about their products? MeliBio's approach to creating sustainable alternatives to traditional bee-derived honey is a win for both taste buds and biodiversity. Their products, including the award-winning Golden Clover and the fiery Spicy Habanero vegan honey, have been a hit, matching the taste and texture of real honey.

These vegan delights are available under the Mellody® brand in the US, as JustVeg! Vegan Hanny™ by ALDI in the EU, and Better Foodie Vegan H*ney in the UK. It's not just about a substitute for honey; it's about crafting a future where the sweetness doesn't cost the earth or its bees. MeliBio is clearly on a mission to blend technology with taste, all while keeping an eye on the planet.

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