21st.BIO Introduces Sustainable Approach to Industrial-Scale Dairy Protein Production

Food & Nutrition
February 1, 2024

21st.BIO, a leader in bioproduction, has unveiled its precision fermentation technology platform to food and ingredient manufacturers, facilitating the sustainable production of dairy proteins at competitive prices. This innovative move streamlines food production by focusing on precision fermentation, offering advanced production strains, quality end-products, and expertise, all while reducing costs and development time.

The announcement comes on the heels of 21st.BIO's successful scaling of beta-lactoglobulin production, a key protein in milk known for its nutritional and textural properties. By democratizing its precision fermentation technology, 21st.BIO addresses cost and time barriers, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional animal-based production methods. Recent studies suggest a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and resource usage with precision fermentation compared to animal-derived production.

With access to 21st.BIO's platform manufacturers gain access to cutting-edge production strains, fermentation processes, and support services, accelerating market entry while minimizing costs. Leveraging licensed technology from Novozymes, 21st.BIO's platform has already facilitated the production of numerous food-grade products.

Customers, ranging from startups to established players and dairy companies, can optimize 21st.BIO's technology is for various purposes, from fortifying plant-based products to enhancing texture in alternative dairy and medical nutrition.

Thomas Schmidt, CEO of 21st.BIO said: “We founded 21st.BIO with one simple mission: to make precision fermentation technology accessible to as many companies as possible so they can successfully take their product to market at a competitive price. We believe this is the best way for technology to support and accelerate the transition to more sustainable and better nutrition globally. With this new offering, I am proud that companies will be able to safely scale innovation into industrial production and meet global demand utilizing our technology and expertise.”

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