Meatable Pioneers Cultivated Meat Tasting in the European Union

The pioneering food tech company hosted the first legally sanctioned cultivated meat tasting in the European Union, marking a significant milestone in the industry.
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April 24, 2024

In an industry-defining moment, Meatable, a trailblazing food technology company based in the Netherlands, recently hosted the first legally sanctioned tasting of cultivated meat within the European Union. This event not only marks a critical step in the commercialization of lab-grown meats but also sets a precedent for future regulatory and consumer acceptance milestones worldwide.

The tasting, held at Meatable’s new headquarters in Leiden on April 17, 2024, featured cultivated pork sausages, a product of years of dedicated research and development. This tasting is a key part of the pathway to gaining regulatory approval and commercializing the product, as it allows the company to gather essential consumer feedback and fine-tune its offerings.

Meatable’s achievement comes from obtaining the necessary approvals from an independent Expert Committee endorsed by the Dutch government, which reviewed extensive product safety data before giving the green light. The event was attended by notable figures, including Michelin-starred chef Ron Blaauw, Constantijn van Oranje, Prince of the Netherlands and Special Envoy for Techleap, and entrepreneur Ira van Eelen, daughter of Willem van Eelen, widely regarded as the father of cultivated meat.

Krijn de Nood, founder and CEO of Meatable, expressed his pride and optimism at the event: “We are incredibly proud to hold the first official cultivated meat tasting in the European Union, marking a landmark moment for Meatable and our industry. At Meatable, we have been working tirelessly over the last five years to develop a delicious product that looks like, tastes like, and has the same texture and flavor profile as farm-raised meat. We now have the opportunity to verify those findings and further optimize our product before mass market entry.”

The significance of this tasting extends beyond just culinary achievement. It underscores the Netherlands' role as a frontrunner in the cultivated meat sector, a position highlighted by Constantijn van Oranje during the tasting: “The Netherlands is a pioneer in the development of cultivated meat, and it was an honor to join the frontrunner in the field Meatable for the first European tasting of their products. Meatable’s cultivated meat has great potential to reduce the food industry’s impact on the environment, and I look forward to continuing to support the company as they work towards this goal on a path to commercialization.”

The path to this tasting has been paved with innovative techniques and a focus on sustainability. Utilizing its proprietary Opti-OX™ technology, Meatable can convert a single cell from a pig into a cultivated sausage in just four days—a process 60 times faster than traditional pork production. This not only reduces the production time but also cuts down on capital expenditure and space needed for bioreactors, highlighting a significant reduction in production costs and environmental impact.

Reflecting on her father's legacy and the importance of this milestone, Ira van Eelen expressed her enthusiasm: “This is a huge step for the sector. Before cultured meat companies can submit their dossier to the relevant authorities, it is essential that their product be tasted. This way, valuable feedback can be collected for further product development. The fact that this is now possible in the Netherlands, without resorting to other countries, is unique!”

As Meatable targets broader markets, it plans to launch its products in Singapore later this year, following several successful tastings approved by the Singapore Food Agency. The company is also preparing to enter the U.S. market by 2025, pending necessary regulatory approvals.

This tasting event not only highlights Meatable’s strides in the cultivated meat industry but also represents a shift in the global food landscape, where sustainability and innovation meet consumer needs and regulatory frameworks. As cultivated meat moves closer to becoming a common sight on dinner plates across the globe, Meatable’s pioneering efforts could lead the way for a new era in food production.

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