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Modern Meadow Appoints Catherine Roggero-Lovisi as CEO


NUTLEY, N.J., Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Modern Meadow, a purpose-driven biotechnology company positioned at the intersection of material science and biology with a mission to be a catalyst for the wellness of people and the planet, announces industry veteran Catherine Roggero-Lovisi as the company's new Chief Executive Officer. Catherine assumed her new role on September 1, 2022, succeeding Anna Bakst, who will continue to serve on the company's Board of Directors, as Executive Chair.

"Catherine brings a wealth of experience and knowledge across the global retail and consumer goods landscape, as well as a vast network of strategic relationships," said Anna Bakst, Executive Chair. "For the past 12 months, we have had the privilege of experiencing Catherine's inspiring leadership and commitment to the values we hold dear at Modern Meadow, using scientific innovation to solve real-world problems. Modern Meadow's future is bright. The Board and I have full confidence that Catherine will lead Modern Meadow to achieve its full potential."

Catherine, as CEO, will further accelerate Modern Meadow's next phase of growth while cementing its established position as a cross-industry leader in biofabrication innovation. Having previously served as Modern Meadow's President and COO, Catherine brings a proven track record of leading diverse, global businesses across various industries. With over 20 years of executive experience scaling industry notables such as L'Oréal, Revlon, and Christian Louboutin, Catherine is uniquely positioned to lead Modern Meadow on its mission to harness the power of material science and biology to be a catalyst for the wellness of people and the planet, at scale.

"I joined Modern Meadow because I could see the great potential in the company, knowing the value of the skills and expertise required to deliver scientific breakthroughs," said Catherine Roggero-Lovisi, Modern Meadow's new CEO. "I have been both impressed and inspired by our talented team, the strength of our culture, and our partnerships, which provide a strong foundation on which to build in the years ahead. I believe we have an exciting future in front of us, and I look forward to working alongside our board, leadership, associates, and partners to continue to fuel the next decade of sustainable innovation and to bring more of Modern Meadow's high-performing products to market for real-world impact."

In her new role, Catherine's immediate objectives are to further accelerate Modern Meadow's commercial development, enabling technology-focused partnerships, and reaffirm Modern Meadow's commitment to leading the global shift towards a more sustainable bioeconomy.

Anna Bakst will continue to serve as Executive Chair of Modern Meadow's esteemed Board of Directors, allowing her to pursue strategic ventures on the company's behalf.

About Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is a purpose-driven company positioned at the intersection of material science and biology with a mission to be a catalyst for the wellness of people and the planet. Modern Meadow's proprietary Bio-Alloy™ and Bio-F@rm™ technology application platforms harness the unique properties of tuned proteins to sustainably move the world away from petrochemical and animal-derived inputs without compromising on performance. These innovations can drop into any existing infrastructures for immediate scalable adoption in the materials, beauty, and other industries. Our close relationship with development partners and production facilities allows companies partnering with Modern Meadow to feel confident knowing our products are 100% traceable from Lab-to-Brand™. To learn more about Modern Meadow, please visit

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