NewMoo Creates Casein in Plants for Crafting Moo-Free Cheese. Credit: NewMoo

NewMoo Redefines Cheese Production with Plant-Based Innovation

Leveraging plant molecular farming, NewMoo's caseins offer the same taste, texture, and functionality as dairy proteins, ensuring no compromise on quality
Food & Nutrition
May 28, 2024

In an era where sustainability and ethics increasingly influence consumer choices, one food-tech startup is making waves in the culinary world. NewMoo, Ltd. is challenging the status quo in the "happy cow" space by harnessing plant molecular farming (PMF) to create casein proteins for cheese-making.

Caseins, comprising a substantial 80% of the proteins found in dairy milk, have long been revered as essential elements in cheese production. However, replicating the authentic cheese experience through plant-based alternatives has proven to be a formidable challenge. Cheese analogs, lacking these crucial dairy proteins, have struggled to satisfy consumers' demands for authenticity, nutrition, and affordability.

Enter NewMoo, whose scientists have unlocked the secret to expressing casein proteins in plant seeds, cultivated through traditional field agriculture. After three years of research, the company unveils a game-changing development: a plant-derived casein liquid base that mirrors the nutritional profile, composition, and functionality of dairy proteins.

This pioneering technology, underpinned by exclusive research conducted at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, represents a significant shift in the dairy industry. By enabling the expression of multiple caseins within a single plant via a novel approach to molecular farming, NewMoo has charted a course toward a sustainable, animal-free future for cheese production.

"Our animal-free liquid casein mimics all the functional traits of real milk protein for crafting cheese the traditional way," explains Daphna Miller, NewMoo co-founder and CEO. "This means it can seamlessly replace dairy milk in any dairy cheese manufacturing facility without the need for any special equipment or reconfiguration of existing equipment. NewMoo's caseins can form the basis for a cheese that has the exact melting and stretching behavior as animal dairy cheese, and delivers the typical aroma, flavor, and texture that cheese eaters crave. Our animal-free proteins are literally identical to animal-derived caseins."

The implications extend beyond the culinary realm. NewMoo's process not only liberates dairy production from the constraints of industrial farming but also sequesters carbon during natural cultivation, offering a more sustainable source of milk proteins. 

"We intimately understand the needs of food companies," explains Miller. "Unlike protein powders, the NewMoo liquid casein is production-ready, helping streamline production and go-to-market. As opposed to current precision fermentation practices, our approach doesn't require expensive bioreactor machinery to grow our proteins. The plant seeds themselves act as bioreactors. This gives us the flexibility to produce these complex proteins in abundance and at exceptional cost parity." NewMoo's manufacturing process is easily scalable for simple implementation.

Indeed, NewMoo's vision extends beyond catering to existing consumer preferences. By tapping into the burgeoning flexitarian demographic—comprising 42% of consumers worldwide—the company aims to broaden the market scope for dairy cheese manufacturers. With the global cheese market valued at USD 135 billion and projected to reach USD 220 billion by 2028, the potential for growth is immense.

"Our goal is to assist dairy cheese manufacturers broaden their market scope to include the burgeoning flexitarian demographic," asserts co-founder Hod Yanover, Vice President of Food Development for NewMoo. "We empower cheesemakers to create delectable and nutritious guilt-free products with ease and at no added costs."

In a world where sustainability and ethics increasingly shape consumer choices, NewMoo's plant-based innovation heralds a new era of cheese production—one that promises to satisfy not only our palates but also our conscience.

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