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Scaling Sustainability: Locus Amplifies Its Green Footprint and Commitment to Decarbonization

Ohio-based green tech expands fermentation facilities by 100,000 square feet to support a 3x increase in biological production
Biomanufacturing, Chemicals & Materials
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July 18, 2023

Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), a vanguard in the green technology arena specializing in biologically-sourced alternatives to conventional chemicals, has amplified its operational domain by an impressive 100,000 square feet. This expansion features the unveiling of two cutting-edge biomanufacturing units, thus tripling the company's biological production capacity to keep pace with escalating demand while bolstering global sustainability efforts across critical industries.

"Through our expanded facilities, Locus FS is strategically positioned to meet the growing demand for sustainable biomanufacturing domestically and globally," expressed Andrew (Andy) Lefkowitz, chairman and chief executive offer of Locus FS. "We are dedicated to being leaders in biological innovations that support our partners in their decarbonization goals and actively contribute to a more environmentally conscious yet profitable future."

Situated in Solon, Ohio, in close proximity to the existing Locus FS headquarters, the newly constructed biomanufacturing facilities have elevated the company's standing as the premier U.S. provider of biologicals, outstripping their chemical counterparts in performance. The intention is to facilitate decarbonization across pivotal global sectors encompassing agriculture, oil and gas, mining, consumer packaged goods, and industrial applications.

These enhanced production capabilities cater specifically to the requirements of prominent partners such as Dow, with whom Locus FS shares an exclusive biosurfactant distribution agreement in the worldwide home and personal care markets.

"Our patented fermentation technologies allow rapid scaling to meet market demand—with the ability to have production facilities operational within nine months versus years," divulged Scott Weber, vice president of production at Locus FS. "This expansion is just phase one, but our new facilities have the potential capacity to reach 2.5 million kilograms of biosurfactant production annually in the future."

The launch of these two ISO-9001-certified plants has created an influx of job opportunities. Partnering with local economic development initiatives, Locus FS has already doubled its production staff and onboarded specialists in project and fermentation engineering. The company is in the active process of hiring for leadership roles and aims to double the size of its facilities team by the end of the year.

The pressing need for enhancing domestic biological production is underlined by recent legislation, including the Biden administration's Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy. Locus FS emerges as a pivotal player in the move to bolster national biomanufacturing capacity.

"There exists a notable shortfall in domestic and global fermentation capacity, with current production levels failing to meet worldwide demand," Lefkowitz added. "We take great pride in driving the innovation and scaling capabilities needed to optimize biomanufacturing. Our goal is to make high-performing biological alternatives to chemicals available around the world in every industry."

With over 1,400 patent filings for its biomanufacturing and biological innovations, Locus FS has raised north of $250 million—including a recent round of $117 million in debt financing, secured against the value of its intellectual property, a part of which has been utilized to fund the ongoing expansion.

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