Solar Biotech Announces Expanded Partnership with Motif FoodWorks

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January 26, 2022

Motif and Solar Biotech agree to extend precision fermentation partnership to support Motif’s future plant-based product pipeline

NORTON, VA, January 24, 2022 – Solar Biotech, the SynBio technologies and products development start-up, today announced an expanded development and manufacturing partnership with Motif FoodWorks, the Boston-based food technology company on a mission to make plant-based food taste better and more nutritious. Under the agreement, Solar Biotech will continue to support Motif’s growth into new plant-based product areas with their pilot-scale precision fermentation and downstream processing capacity.

This is an extension of a partnership that began in 2020, when Motif turned to Solar Biotech to increase their production capacity. Motif used Solar Biotech’s development and precision fermentation capabilities for pilot-scale production of HEMAMI™. The breakthrough food-tech is a yeast-derived heme protein that provides umami flavor and meaty aroma to plant-based meat alternatives. HEMAMI™ is no different than the heme protein found in beef; it’s simply produced through precision fermentation without the animal.

“The continuation of our partnership will help secure the infrastructure needed to build out Motif’s pipeline of future products,” said Jonathan McIntyre, CEO of Motif FoodWorks. “Companies like Solar Biotech are an essential link in the move to create a more sustainable food-supply chain that has a positive impact on people, animals and the planet.”

With the extended partnership, Solar Biotech will support Motif’s sampling needs for new food-technologies that will improve the taste, texture and nutrition of alternative dairy and other plant-based foods.

“This is the culmination of nearly two years of joint product development work with Motif,” said Dr. Alex Berlin, CEO and CTO of Solar Biotech. We look forward to working with Motif as they continue to use precision fermentation to continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in plant-based foods.”

About Solar Biotech

Solar Biotech is a technology and bioproducts development start-up that utilizes biological systems and cutting-edge technology to develop and produce SynBio products through precision fermentation and state-of-the-art downstream processing. The goal of the company is to become the global leader in sustainable, cell-based biomanufacturing across SynBio market segments. Recognising rising consumer trends for sustainable, traceable, healthier, and safer consumer products, Solar Biotech is committed to operating sustainably and to delivering the purest, highest quality SynBio products available to clients worldwide.

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About Motif FoodWorks

Motif FoodWorks is a food technology company working to make plant-based foods better tasting, more nutritious and so desirable that people actually crave them. The company's mission is to unleash the promise of plant-based foods by taking a new, holistic approach to ingredient development that combines science and technology — merged with sensory fundamentals — to reveal totally new answers. By changing our understanding of plant-based food, Motif will enable crave-worthy products that exceed taste and experience expectations, unlocking benefits for people and our planet.

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