The Four-Day Meat Miracle by Meatable

The company’s cell production time is reduced by 50%, significantly increasing efficiency and enhancing the sustainability of the industrial process
Food & Nutrition
March 26, 2024

n the latest stride towards a future where meat can be produced without the ethical and environmental burdens of traditional livestock farming, Meatable, a vanguard in food technology, has achieved a groundbreaking feat. The company announced that its proprietary process, which transforms pluripotent stem cells into high-quality fat and muscle tissue, has been accelerated to a mere four days—a feat unparalleled in the industry. This significant reduction from the previous eight days, positions Meatable at the forefront of a revolution in meat production.

Meatable Achieves Landmark Breakthrough In Cultivated Meat Technology, Cuts Production Time To Only 4 Days [Business Wire]

Daan Luining, Co-founder and CTO of Meatable expressed the significance of this advancement: “This is truly a remarkable moment for Meatable and the cultivated meat industry as a whole, as we just made the fastest process in the industry that much faster." Luining's statement encapsulates the enthusiasm and pioneering spirit driving the company's mission. This latest breakthrough leverages Meatable’s patented Opti-Ox technology, a cornerstone in their quest to surmount the challenges of speed and efficiency that have long hindered the cultivated meat industry.

In a world grappling with the ethical quandaries of meat consumption and the ecological impact of conventional animal agriculture, Meatable’s innovation signals a paradigm shift. By reducing the cell differentiation time by half, the company has not only halved the requirement for bioreactors but also substantially decreased capital expenses. This efficiency extends to a diminished reliance on labor, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources, marking a leap toward a more sustainable and scalable solution in meat production.

Beyond the technological triumph, Meatable's process enhances the gastronomic aspect of cultivated meat. Their method produces meat with superior flavor and mouthfeel, emulating the texture and taste of traditionally farmed meat but with a process approximately 60 times faster than rearing a pig for pork. This advancement is not just about speed; it's about sustainability, ethics, and culinary enjoyment intertwined in a revolutionary approach to meat production.

Meatable's aspirations extend beyond the laboratory and into the global market. The company has already showcased its pork sausage in a tasting event in Singapore and is setting its sights on a broader commercial launch. With plans to expand to Europe and the United States, Meatable is not just pioneering a new technology but potentially reshaping the very fabric of how we consume and think about meat.

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