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Planetary Health

Climate Tech & Environment

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Kit McDonnell

Amid the complex challenges presented by climate change, which is intensifying natural disasters, imperiling food security, and modifying critical ecosystems, technological advancements in climate adaptation and mitigation are emerging. A primary focus of this discourse is the burgeoning field of synthetic biology, identified as a pivotal component of climate technology. This research area seeks to understand how biological processes might be harnessed to address the escalating climate crisis directly. Critical inquiries revolve around the potential of synthetic biology to rejuvenate natural ecosystems and enhance carbon sequestration capabilities. Current explorations consider the feasibility of microbial systems in sequestering atmospheric CO2 and converting pollutants into sustainable energy and food resources. This discourse aims to critically assess the prospective role of synthetic biology in charting a sustainable trajectory for our planet's ecological future.

Session Topics:

  • When Earth is the Client: Biodesigning for Conviviality
  • Bioremediation and Biorecycling for the Circular Economy
  • Redefining the Bottom Line: Value Creation for Shareholders and the Planet
  • SynBio-Enhanced Supply Chain Security: Feedstocks & Distributed Manufacturing for Climate Resilience

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