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Planetary Health

Food & Agriculture

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Stephanie Michelsen

As global population projections reach an estimated 10 billion by 2050, the agricultural sector, currently a principal contributor to climate change, faces the imperative of metamorphosis. Conventional agronomic practices grapple with sustainability issues, demanding an epoch of greener, innovative, and prolific methodologies. Biotechnological interventions have initiated improvements in crop yields, but the urgency for more profound innovations persists. Synthetic biology is emerging as a vanguard, enhancing soil vitality and diminishing dependency on deleterious fertilizers. Concurrently, genetic manipulation techniques engender crops resilient to climatic adversities such as thermal extremes, water scarcity, and pestilence. Beyond vegetative produce, advances like cellular agriculture and precision fermentation posited sustainable protein acquisition paradigms, underscoring synthetic biology's budding potential in sculpting our alimentary future.

Session Topics:

  • From Lab to Table: Navigating the Future of Cellular Agriculture
  • Harnessing Synthetic Biology to Increase Nutrient Density
  • Feeding the World E-fish-iently One Krill Replacement at a Time
  • Fermentation Frontiers: A Dialogue with Visionary Biotech Entrepreneurs
  • Can Molecular Farming Create the Next Breakthrough in AgTech?
  • Synthetic Sustenance: Exploring the Culinary Horizon in the Biotech Era
  • Harnessing Nature's Molecules: How Synbio in Plants Can Fix Our Broken Food System
  • Biotech Innovations in Feed and Agriculture for a Brighter Future
  • Sustainable Harvests, Sustainable Returns: A Panel of Investors Betting on the Future of Food
  • Solving the Nitrogen Dilemma for Next-Gen Farming

Food & Ag Birds of a Feather Events: Wednesday (7-8:30pm)

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