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Reading, Writing & Editing DNA

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Mike Kamdar
SynBio Consultants

The triad of reading, writing, and editing DNA forms the foundational bedrock of synthetic biology. With burgeoning insights into DNA and advancements in its synthesis, our comprehension and mastery over technologies such as CRISPR, cell-free manufacturing, protein design, and molecular data storage have intensified. This engineering vision, once nascent, has now metamorphosed into tangible applications, facilitating the remediation of diseases, sustainable chemical production, molecular data preservation, and the synthesis of unique proteins absent in the natural realm. Such advancements inevitably prompt contemplation on the subsequent innovations birthed from the intricate manipulation of DNA. 

Session Topics:

  • Genes & Beyond: The New Frontier of Precision Editing for Global Solutions
  • Code to Strand: Transforming Your Digital Sequences into Pristine Synthetic DNA
  • From Complexity to Commercialization: The DNA Synthesis Saga Continues
  • Partnering Intelligent Algorithms and Enzymatic DNA Assembly to Accelerate the Future of Synthetic Biology
  • Catalyzing the Future of DNA Data Storage: Bridging Science and Corporate Strategy
  • Reshaping Biology with the Power of Enzymatic DNA Synthesis
  • Gene Synthesis: The Workflow Risks You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know
  • Expand Your Design Space: Ask Bigger Questions with Complex DNA Synthesis Service
  • Living the Code: Gene Synthesis Impacts Beyond the Lab
  • Embrace Complexity: Insights from Ansa’s DNA Synthesis Early Access Partners
  • The DNA Discovery Tour
  • Fully Enzymatic Synthesis: Unlocking Synthetic Biology's Potential

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