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Planetary Health

Chemicals & Materials

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Ginger Dosier

In light of anticipated surges in the global requisition for chemicals and materials, there arises a concomitant potential for economic expansion. However, this uptick is shadowed by environmental concerns, given the energy profligacy and associated harmful emissions of conventional production modalities. Notably, nascent synthetic biology methodologies present promising avenues for redressing these environmental challenges. As the clarion call for cleaner and more efficacious technologies amplifies among consumers and governing bodies, industrial and international collaborative efforts become imperative to facilitate the large-scale adoption of these sustainable innovations.


Session Topics:

  • The Future For Biosolutions in the Energy Transition
  • Scaling Biological Solution Capacity
  • Crossing Chasms with Creative Capital
  • The Role of Synthetic Biology in Promoting Health and Sustainability
  • Achieving Critical Mass in Synthetic Biology Adoption

Chemicals & Materials Birds of a Feather Events: Wednesday (7-8:30pm)

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